About Us

Rotary Club of Coimbatore Saicity was chartered in the year 1992, and has been serving the society for over three decades.

Our club today has about 50+ dedicated members forming a wide spectrum- but primarily consisting of Engineering, Medical and Financial services professionals and entrepreneurs, and Educationists.

Over the years, our members have contributed generously in terms of money and time, to humanitarian projects and Matching Grant projects co-funded by Rotary Foundation. These projects were all aimed to uplift underprivileged people in and around our region.

We have over the years adopted a village and several rural schools. Our community service projects are primarily focused on improving infrastructure development, computer education, sanitation, hygiene, and medical services. Our environmental focus is centered around tree planting, rain water harvesting and safe drinking water. We regularly conduct seminars on value-based education, road safety awareness and safe driving skills training to general public and professional drivers.

Apart from these projects centered around our immediate community, Saicity members wanted to make a wider impact to the society based on the perceived needs. As there were no low-cost medical insurance schemes available to the masses, most underprivileged were unable to access specialized medical services due to economic reasons. Therefore Saicity initiated three unique projects that have been sustained by their members and also by the support of Rotary International via the Global Grant models.

Project 1 – Ithayam (Heart)

Under this project, initiated in 2002, we offer free Heart Surgeries for under privileged children with congenital heart diseases below age group of 18. This project has received very good support over the years from the club members and the Rotary International. Till date we have successfully completed over 1200 surgeries.

The project has been so successful that we extended this to beneficiaries from neighboring countries including Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Cambodia and Philippines. Till date over 100 children have benefited from the project.

Project 2 – SASTRA (Saicity Aid for Spinal Treatment & Rehabilitation)

Spinal Card Injury (SCI) are caused by road accidents or due to fall from tall buildings or trees. The injury can cause complete paralysis of all functions below the level of injury. Since this is not treatable or reversable and the patients have to learn to cope with the new situation and endure it for their lifetime. Under this project, patients with SCI will undergo a structured rehabilitation program and vocational training. The aim of this project is to primarily teach independent living without the need of a 24×7 nurse and also to learn a new skill based on their capability and skill levels to generate a source of income.

We have completed two Global Grant projects and over 150 (check numbers) have benefited so far.

Project 3 – SAICARE (Saicity Initiative to Support Cancer Care).

Under this project, Saicity provides financial help and counselling for affected children and families.  Our aim is to make their life better by giving support and spreading awareness through campaign.

International Youth Exchange Program

For the past 15 years we have sent and hosted several students through the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program to various countries such as USA, Canada, Germany and France. The children have acted as young cultural ambassadors and have formed strong enduring bonds with the host families and their friends.