RCC Saicity’s flagship project – Empowering Lives: The Triumph of SASTRA

It is with great pride and profound gratitude that I share with you the remarkable strides of Rotary Club of Coimbatore Saicity (RCC Saicity) in our flagship project, SASTRA.

SASTRA, an acronym for Spinal cord injury Awareness and Treatment for Rehabilitation and Advancement, embodies our unwavering commitment to restoring dignity and independence to individuals grappling with spinal cord injuries (SCI). Launched in collaboration with Ganga Spine Injury Rehabilitation Centre and Sahai Spine Hospital, SASTRA stands as a beacon of hope for those who face the daunting challenge of SCI.

SCI, often resulting from unforeseen accidents, inflicts profound physical and psychological trauma, abruptly altering lives and leaving individuals dependent and disheartened. In response to this urgent need, RCC Saicity has orchestrated a comprehensive program within the confines of SASTRA. Through structured rehabilitation and vocational training spanning 2-3 months, we empower SCI patients with the essential skills and unwavering confidence needed to navigate life with independence and dignity.

Central to SASTRA’s ethos is its holistic support system. Beyond physical rehabilitation and vocational training, beneficiaries receive a suite of essential provisions, including high-quality wheelchairs, medications, diagnostic scans, physiotherapy, psychological counseling, as well as complimentary accommodation and meals. This comprehensive approach ensures that every individual under our care receives the support they need to embark on their journey towards recovery and self-sufficiency.

Our dedication to this cause is further underscored by the acquisition of a Global Grant, GG2351511, totaling US$ 83,680. This invaluable support has enabled us to extend our reach and provide critical assistance to nine patients, with expenditures totaling US$ 8,742. This financial backing not only amplifies the impact of SASTRA but also reinforces our commitment to serving those in need on a global scale.

As we reflect on our accomplishments, let us recommit ourselves to the transformative power of service. Through SASTRA, we not only restore hope but also illuminate the path towards a future filled with promise and possibility for all.